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Zenyum Singapore: Startup 3D Prints Invisible Braces At A Flat Rate Of $2,400

Vulcan Post - Who doesn’t wish to be born with a set of straight pearlies? Unless you are aligned in that department, braces can cost anything between S$3,500 to S$6,000, depending on the orthodontist and patient’s teeth condition. While governmental institutions offer cheaper services, waitlists can be as long as two years. A private clinic could provide faster service with more attention, but it also charges higher prices. This is why Julian ArtopĂ© decided to create invisible braces brand Zenyum , which develops 3D-printed invisible braces that are 70 per cent more affordable than most clear braces treatments. “We identified that most people [in our target age group of 18 to 35] have dental conditions that could be treated simply but are often left aside due to complicated processes, lack of access and high price points,” said Julian, co-founder and CEO of Zenyum in a Vulcan Post interview. Ugly Problems With Metal Braces Growing up, Julian’s childhood was defined by the braces he wo