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Cost of Braces in Singapore 2022

We understand that price is an important consideration, especially for a big life-changing decision like teeth straightening.  Find out what options are available and how much they can cost below. Credit: Average Cost of Braces in Singapore Orthodontics (Braces) - Two Jaws, Non Surgical Average Fee at Public Institutions: $3,200 - $6,500 Source: This section provides details on the average fee paid by private patients in Singapore public institutions for selected dental procedures. Should you wish to find out more, please check with the institutions directly. 50% of patients are charged a total bill as below: CGH: 4,600 - 5,000 KTPH: 3,600 to 4,200 NDCS: 3,221 - 4,462 NTFGH: 4,500 - 6,500 NUCOHS: 4,500 - 4,800 TTSH: 4,200 - 4,800 Braces Singapore Cost by Type 1. Clear aligners e.g. Invisalign Image via Invisalign Singapor